A Time for Giving Thanks

First and foremost, I am thankful for God and his blessings. This list would not exist without them.

I am thankful for my mother. Her strength and her love fulfills and inspires, and her faith in me never wavers, even when my faith has faded. She is my hero and confident.

Family- Especially for those cousins, aunts, and uncles whom I have only recently took the time to “know”. Thank you for being there even when I was not. To my brothers and sisters, I give thanks for your love that greets me every visit and the inspiration I find in each of you- I love you.

To those who accepted me into their lives and call me “friend,” whether miles away or right around the corner, I am thankful for each. Hubert H. Humphrey wrote, “The greatest gift of life is friendship, and I have received it.” Friendship is often a gift that goes unacknowledged and a priceless gift during times of need. Today I give thanks to those who share my life and allow me into theirs. Your friendship means more to me than I can put into words.

I am grateful for my career and my employer, Electronic Arts. Three years ago, I forfeited my interest in a recruiting start-up to accept a 6-month contract position with EA. It was the best career move of my entire life! My six-month contract turned into twelve months, and then an offer to join the team as a permanent employee. Three years have passed, and in those years I have experienced more growth than ever before in my life. Amazing accomplishments are achievable when an entire body of people, a company, stands behind you and empowers through mentoring and extraordinary leadership. Months after becoming a permanent employee, I received an opportunity to relocate temporarily to Melbourne Australia and lead the recruiting efforts of one of company’s largest mobile development studios- Firemonkeys. EA offered more than a job that day. They offered me a life-changing experience, and just one more reason to give thanks.

The support of my team and managers guaranteed my success when I relocated to Melbourne. My colleagues, the EA team, are an extraordinary group of talented individuals aligned with a common goal and committed to the success of the organization and everyone in it. Team leaders exemplify the word and its meaning. They are accessible and encourage questions from all employees at every level of the organization.  Neither a question nor a request goes unanswered. My team, the EA team, supports, mentors, and empowers. That’s just “who they are” in the world, and I am honored and thankful to stand among them.

I am indebted to five of my closest confidants who support me without fail. They never complain, and no matter how nasty I am, they always forgive. This group of five deserves special recognition. I am forever thankful for having Tyra, Sammy, Kiki, Midi, and Didi (my dogs/cats) in my life! They see me at my best and my worst, and they always keep a secret!

The majority of my week involves endless phone conversations with people (job candidates) that I seldom meet face to face. They are complete strangers who allow me into their life long enough to share their accomplishments and goals. I am thankful for their trust, their time, and for their impact on my life. Strangers by definition, but each conversation makes an impact or influences in one way or another. This world is full of amazing people! I am thankful for the many that I get to “meet”.

A special category dedicated to Chris’ family. Thanks for accepting me into your family and for adapting to my nuances. Yes, I realize that my sometimes-shy nature makes including me a difficult task, but your acceptance does not go unnoticed. Thank you!

This Thanksgiving, just like the twelve before, I take a moment to thank God for bringing Chris into my life. He is an amazing man! Courageous, determined, faithful, and giving. Living with me is not easy. I know as I have been living with myself for a long time! Chris forgives, even when he should not. He is supportive, even when he knows better. Moreover, he is humble, even when surrounded by boasting. I once prayed that he and I would become friends. That was twelve years ago, and for this answered prayer I am eternally thankful!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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