A Stockholm Skateboarder

Like most people, I was too busy looking at my iPhone when I first heard the rhythmic sound approaching. It was a familiar sound, and it grew louder and faster as I continued my text to Chris. Yes, it’s Chris’s fault again. When I finally decided to look up, it was too late. SMACK! Blindsided by a young man on a skateboard, and the collision knocked me off my feet. It’s hard to say whether I was more mad or embarrassed, but it was a healthy dose of both.

With one quick kick of his foot the kid flipped up his board catching it with one hand while offering me the other in assistance. His hand was tiny; I mean small, and almost translucent if not for the bright blue veins. There was no way in hell that he could help me off the ground. Besides, I was too proud and embarrassed to let him even if he could! Coldly denying the offer of assistance, I propped myself up off the ground and tried to regain whatever I had left of my dignity. The boy, still standing with his hand outreached, began saying something in Swedish. Naturally, I had no idea what he was trying to say, and I just rolled my eyes while brushing the dirt off of my behind. At some point, he caught on and realized there was a communication barrier. That’s when he switched over to English and said, “I’m sorry. The sun is shining and the day is beautiful, is it worth being angry?”
I’m nearly three weeks into my Stockholm trip, and things are great, but I’ve discovered that life (in general) tends to fall into a routine very quickly if allowed. There is so much to see here, and it’s all new to me, but even still I find myself revisiting the same places. It’s as if some mysterious outside force restricts my exploration. Sounds good, but there is nothing mysterious about “me” and I am the only person or force making the choices.


The studio (DICE) is amazing, and the people are incredibly friendly, not to mention talented. My co-workers in Talent Acquisition helped make Stockholm feel like home. If there is one thing I’ve learned so far, it’s this… The sun is shining and the day is beautiful, is it ever worth being angry? No, it’s not worth being angry, and it took a boy on a skateboard to remind me.


Thanks to EA, and those on my team providing mentoring and opportunities for growth, I am on yet another incredible journey, and I’m grateful, to say the least!


That’s all for now! Here are a few pics of the city.

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