A Trip to PopCap

Last week I worked out of EA’s PopCap Studio in Seattle, Washington. The best way to describe my experience is WOW!
My flight departed Fort Lauderdale at 6am eastern and arrived in Seattle at noon pacific. My excitement (and full calendar) was impossible to suppress, so I hailed a cab and went directly to the studio, which happens to be smack downtown- Score! The vibe was incredible. Bright colors and cute game related chachkies made it impossible to be anything other than cheerful.

I was greeted by the Facilities Manager, James Bernert, who was as lively as the decor and more than generous with his time. James had my workstation all set up and ready, so I plugged in my laptop and set off to tour the studio. The feeling was similar to waking up on Christmas Day as a child, but in this case Christmas never ends. There were games of every size and shape, and all of them FREE! My two personal favorites include the monster sized claw game and the wall-size Bejeweled. Since life isn’t all fun and games, and I had jobs to fill, my tour concluded with a visit to the studio gym and the two full-size kitchens stocked with food and beverages of every variety. Did I mention that it was all free? When I returned to my workstation I discovered a large PopCap duffle bag stuffed with games and other cool items. It was my welcome gift from the staff. 🙂 Like I said…Christmas! The entire PopCap crew was incredibly friendly. Kelsey Wesley, Heather Kulawiak, James, and countless others made my trip to PopCap unforgettable. We worked hard, laughed hard, and in what seemed like an instant it was time to go home.

People often ask me to describe the EA culture and question my overall experience. My answer always highlights the incredible sense of team and camaraderie. Working with people like Heather, James, Kelsey, and countless others make me very proud to be part of the EA family! Thanks PopCap!!


IMG_6815  IMG_6807IMG_6805 IMG_6816 IMG_6818

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